Locating Ford Hall

A map of Brandeis' Campus in 1967

This map is meant to help viewers orient themselves to the location of the Ford Hall building on the Brandeis campus during the takeover. Ford Hall was an attractive site for the student activists as at that time it held the communications center for the campus, including the campus switchboard through which phone calls were routed. Activists temporarily re-named Ford to be Malcolm X University on Jan 13, 1969. We have included an aerial image from 1967 with Ford Hall, Bernstein-Marcus, and the campus entrance highlighted. Is is an unusual angle from which to view the site, so those familiar with the campus today may find it disorienting at first. To get the right perspective imagine you are on top of the Spingold Theater and looking toward upper campus. Ford Hall was located on the site where the Student Campus Center (SCC) is located today. As you can see from the photo, it was directly across from Bernstein-Marcus, which was at that time and still is the administration building. Ford Hall is a building that pre-dates the founding of Brandeis University. The building was demolished in 2000. For more information on the history of the Ford Hall building please see this site.