The BBAC Team

All content relating to the Brandeis Black Archive Collective, and its members.

Meet the 2019 Team

Rai Mckinley is a very Black, very queer/trans soon to be Brandeis graduate in the African and African American Studies department, or as they call it “Black Arts and Social Theory”. Rai has been using digital media to document varying expressions of Black life for a decade, and is particularly interested in the intersections of new media and culture, and […]

Archivist notes on the profession and the work; and a big thank you!

It is now widely acknowledged within the profession that archives largely reflect history from a white upper class privileged position. This reality is due to many factors including the lack of diversity in the profession and institutional practices that follow established patterns of systemic racism and classism. By creating the Initiative on Under-Represented Collections with a Focus on Students of […]

About The BBAC

The Brandeis BLK Archives Collective was established a year after the conclusion of “Ford Hall 2015,” a 12-day sit-in on campus, where in solidarity with campuses across the nation concerned Brandeis students issued demands for racial equity.