Brandeis Black Bulletin

Through the eyes of the occupants: The Brandeis Black Bulletin

On January 13th, 1969, the Afro-American Organization issued the first Brandeis Black Bulletin in an effort to disseminate accurate information concerning the Ford Hall occupation and the intent of its organizers. While ultimately only 3 were issued, the bulletins contained an expanded “clarification” of the 10 demands, announcements, and an 8 page post-occupation reflection memo. In the first issue of the Bulletin, the occupants clarified that the function of the selection board was to choose a Black director, who will then run the Black Studies Department, and not to gain control. In addition, the Afros made it clear that their only goal is ensuring the implementation of these demands. In their reflective piece in the last issue of the Bulletin, the Afros describe the eleven days of occupation as “illuminating, political, pessimistic, hopeful, confusing, angering, necessary.” The Brandeis Black Bulletin is a valuable archived material because it provides an insight into Ford Hall 1969 from the perspectives of Black students themselves.

Brandeis Black Bulletin (number 1)

Brandeis Black Bulletin (number 2)

Brandeis Black Bulletin (number 3)